A Different Internet

A fascinating article: Lori Emerson and Internet pioneer John Day explore What’s Wrong with the Internet and How We Can Fix It. Emerson’s quest was “to figure out how we are unwittingly living out the legacy of the power/knowledge structures that produced TCP/IP” and ” how the Internet could have been and may still be utterly different.” In this article, Day argues that “’the Internet is an unfinished demo’ and that we have become blind not only to its flaws but also to how and why it works the way it works.”

One of the interesting things about this article is Day’s perspective on the consequence of BBN’s early architectural choices and how money can lead to a less-than-optimal path forward, then followed despite great ongoing costs and unanticipated complications. For example, settling on TCP/IP was a choice for “modularity” with a necessary perspective to the layered ecosystem that the modules would operate in.

Day’s points about Netflix and peering are more generalized than they should be, but his arguments do make me wonder what a “different Internet” would be like and how we might get there.

Local Emergency Preparedness

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training just concluded and I am now certified as a CERT member. The Alameda County Fire Department held the training, as they’ve been doing for many years. I’ve taken the 20-hour weekend course several times in the past, and it’s always an amazing learning experience. This time I also took the online IS-317: Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams training through FEMA, which was a good preview of the hands-on practice that the training offered. I recommend taking either or both. This information may well save the lives of you and your family members. Continue reading

Happy Birthday DNSimple

DNSimple logoApril 2015 brings the fifth year of service for DNSimple. ManyMedia sends wishes for a very happy birthday to Anthony and the crew!

ManyMedia was one of their first paying customers, and with five years of their excellent service to their credit we intend to continue. Why? Trust.

I met Anthony, the founder, through a project of mutual interest and found him to have solid technical perspectives. I liked his thinking generally about teaching people and sharing his expertise. He became a trusted guide in my social network. When he offered DNS routing services, I moved several of my domains to DNSimple. One might ask why I use an outside DNS routing company when my hosting companies will do domain routing for free. Among my reasons are domains that get routed to more than one host, and the quick flexibility to switch routing to a different provider as needed.

My recognition, loyalty and support are the most valuable things I offer to a company—for solid business practices, and when I personally believe in them to do the right things going forward. Domains are an important part of my communication with the world. DNSimple is my preferred personal agent for domain routing.