owc4: Automate All The Things

First lesson: use tools that work for you.

Coming in this sessions: hints, tips, ideas, automation suggestions and inspirations. Kitt says she’s lazy, efficient. First thing she does: Alfred (app launcher: cmd+space on Mac, Gnome do on linux). Alfred lets you do shell scripts, workflows, file or groups, applescripts, and search filters. 15 commands you need to know:

cd cp less ls pwd find !! !$ which rm ...

Then there are aliases: short pre-defined shortcuts saved in your profile. pushd and popd commands create a stack of your directories. Use dir -v to see where you are with numbers.

Scripts: theopenphotoproject.org (open source photo gallery)–scripts to upload, for example. Lots of scripts available on the web.

Cron/at: specify what programs you want to run and where the output goes. %crontab -e Use at when you only need to do something once.

Become proficient at the tools you have chosen.

Zen Coding. wow, fast example but inspired.

Code. Look for a code generator. There are lots of them. Doesn’t apply to everything, really. you might miss an opportunity to do something right the first time. Unit test?

Contiuous itegration: Hudson, Jenkins, CI: automate the test that run in the background. Let’s you see what failed so you can address it. Greasemonkey for Firefox helps customize, also userscripts.org.

If you need to fill out forms for testing (links available later too), try the auto form thing.

Test your site. Lots of tools for this too.

Vision control? hooks: allows you to place your code within a workflow, then do things with it. Feature tracker, post commits, apply patches, etc. See If This Then That.

Optimize images: ImageOptim.

What if something bad happens? send an email, a tweet, twilio webhooks, IFTTT to send SMS. You can also automate other things, like when your kids are home. ifttt.com/recipes/774 for example.

A couple of other examples of how Kitt streamlines her day:

  • Twitterific to email tweets to a list that she can view later.
  • autoload pages in breakpoint-sized windows (script coming later this week at github)
  • have google OCR your files (docs)

See resources at ki.tt/owc4