Scenarios for San Leandro

On June 1st of this year, 28 people in San Leandro, California gathered for an adventure in looking into our future. The result of that day, plus some ongoing thinking and analysis by a small, dedicated group of authors, produced our report: Scenarios for San Leandro: Stories About Our Future.

On June 1, 2012, we held a one-day Rapid Scenario Planning event at the Main Library to think about our priorities and ask how we–the City, Chamber of Commerce, community groups, schools, and private businesses and citizens–might take advantage of some world-class opportunities that are currently before us. These opportunities center largely around two new developments: the San Leandro fiber loop and the new Kaiser Hospital, combined with the City’s rich base of assets (PDF) in terms of its industrial heritage, central location, and many other resources.

The one-day event gave our writing team plenty to work with. After examining our two base priorities: politics/governance and investments, we configured these as X-Y axes and developed a set of four quadrants that outlined different circumstances that would play out as very different and possible futures.

We’re current in the middle of our landscape. Time and interactions of all kinds will move us from the center toward one direction, then another. Some of our stories, each illustrated with fictional characters, are more desirable than others. None of them will happen exactly as we’ve described. We think one future scenario is generally the most intriguing.

With a bit of collaboration and shared vision, I think we can achieve our goal of realizing our best possible future. We invite the community to review and discuss these ideas. I look forward to being part of those conversations.