Happy Birthday DNSimple

DNSimple logoApril 2015 brings the fifth year of service for DNSimple. ManyMedia sends wishes for a very happy birthday to Anthony and the crew!

ManyMedia was one of their first paying customers, and with five years of their excellent service to their credit we intend to continue. Why? Trust.

I met Anthony, the founder, through a project of mutual interest and found him to have solid technical perspectives. I liked his thinking generally about teaching people and sharing his expertise. He became a trusted guide in my social network. When he offered DNS routing services, I moved several of my domains to DNSimple. One might ask why I use an outside DNS routing company when my hosting companies will do domain routing for free. Among my reasons are domains that get routed to more than one host, and the quick flexibility to switch routing to a different provider as needed.

My recognition, loyalty and support are the most valuable things I offer to a company—for solid business practices, and when I personally believe in them to do the right things going forward. Domains are an important part of my communication with the world. DNSimple is my preferred personal agent for domain routing.


iacsf: Case Study, Windstream Communications

Sarah Day, Windstream

Virtual assistants have been great. [Break]

Site optimization helped, aimed visitors interact with Wendy.

Reduced live chat interactions by 45%. There are topics Wendy can’t resolve–deep matters are where people work best. First chat resolutions are high performing.

Trailed internally fair 3 months a before launching–she recommends this as a best practice.

Customer reactions have been good, “thanks for your help,” also playful. Sometimes she has to remind people that she is a virtual agent.

Key learnings: as long as you have a knowledge base, a you will find partners to help create a workable, optimizables system. VAs will effectively reduce live support hours. Testing and optimization is fun. Customers love the VR.

Be aware of these: was a big process to port all knowledge into single platform, training for maintenance. What resources do you have? You will need more content than you know of and have at hand.

iacsf: What’s Next? Shaping the Future

Mark Yahiro, Intel
Timothy Tuttle, Expect Labs
Liesl Capper, IBM
Roberto Pieraccini, Jibo

Intel offers platform and foundation to use speech, motion, who you are, to use data in intelligent ways.

Jibo (a male character) is not humanoid, but has stereo camera, mic, speaker identification, motion or facial expression detection, display, touch points. Just got big crowned sourced funds. Japanese trend is to more humanoid, is creepy, uncanny valley. farthing can express feelings (teapot in beauty and beast).

Ongoing conversations? Watson uses experts systems, known data sets, to develop ranked diagnosis of medical conditions.

Movie Her and anticipatory agents? Tim suggests we’re not as far off as we think. We are going to starts seeing intelligence in new devices. Recent breakthroughs from IBM in deep learning remarkably reduce error rate within a couple of years.

What is the future? Cognitive glue working across other agents. Holy grail is all human interaction. There are already a lot of agents, interacting between and across them is learning a new language. Filter the right data specific usage, depending on the usage do we filter before or after? Where is context? What makes sense.

Speech recognition is about 60, 65 years old. Big problem is that once you understand how to did it, depends on the language and what you are talking about. Can’t create a closed loop.

iacsf: Megan McCluskey, Schlage

Commercial brand spun off 10 months ago, including Schlage locks and Kryptonite bike locks. In business for 100 years, legacy of innovation. Strong brand awareness, customers trust them with security.

Two years ago they didn’t have a product management tool. They saw tipping point toward self-service, couldn’t keep doubling call center tech. Started with zendesk, moved to inBenta on contact us page and as widgets throughout the site for search, now also searching all site and social media. Goal is improved customer experience.

Implementing virtual assistants: leverage knowledge database collaboration space with partners and workers, use natural language for end users and agents. Preventative measures too–they looked at what people were looking for. Searches now specific, improved results by 88%.

Analytics tool shows what’s going on, top categories of topics, in real time.