Do you have a big, complicated decision in front of you? Do you need help making sense of part of it? Scenarios can help!

Scenarios are stories that we tell to help us understand complex environments. Scenario planning is a device for arranging one’s perceptions about alternative environments in which one’s decisions might be played out. The power in scenario planning comes from being focused, and customized to a context.

We can help you with your big questions. Scenario planning meetings gather a range of perspectives to analyze elements and forces that impact your decisions. We assemble a group of 20-30 people to work over the course of one or two days (or more, depending on the nature and complexity of your decisions). In the end, we’ve sketched out several stories that reveal and inform about your options, leaving your decision process-making less speculative and more understandable.

Our scenarios workshops are led by Judi Clark. Judi has been working with scenarios and future-thinking for 14 years. She trained at Global Business Network, a pioneer in the evolution and application of scenario planning, and developed scenarios with SRIC-BI, a spinout of the former Stanford Research Instituteā€“another nexus for scenario development. She published a very brief story about a character named Chu, describing a future yet to come, told to a group of people gathered back in September, 1998. A scenario planning exercise with four different stories is sketched out in Our Stake in Cyberspace: The Future of the Internet and Communication As We Know It (2002). More recently, a group of people gathered for a one-day speed workshop. From that event we published Scenarios for San Leandro: Stories About Our Future (2012).

Our one- and two-day workshops will help you see and understand your options better. We’re seeking to work with innovative groups of 20-30 tackle difficult questions. If your group or community is interested in exploring this, please send a note or give us a call.

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