Big problem around open data, especially government data, and in Hadley’s case UK government data. Open data: created during regular operations, where taxpayers have paid for infrastructure so data should be made available to them. Used to make government operations more open and accountable, identifying efficiencies, reducing corruption. Govs spend a lot of time handling their own data. Not talking wikileaks. Tetherless team has 1.1M datasets available, in multiple languages.

In the UK, we talk about four kinds of data: historical (trends, performance), planning (future, forecasting, permits), infrastructural (opening hours, especially useful when it changes–like when a bridge is out), and operational (where are trains, weather–real time, costs more to make available). Types: transport, healthcare, demographics, mapping, crimes. Continue reading

owc4: Getting Your CSS Under Control

Slides for this event will be at openwebcamp.org/slides

One person developer is not same as multiple person team working on CSS file. (heh) At Yahoo, he used to work on team of five prototypers, multiple projects.

CSS “is easy.” Selector, properties, then OMG display slide is complicated.

Four considerations for today’s talk: categorization, naming convention, decoupling HTML from CSS, and increasing semantics. Continue reading

owc4: Automate All The Things

First lesson: use tools that work for you.

Coming in this sessions: hints, tips, ideas, automation suggestions and inspirations. Kitt says she’s lazy, efficient. First thing she does: Alfred (app launcher: cmd+space on Mac, Gnome do on linux). Alfred lets you do shell scripts, workflows, file or groups, applescripts, and search filters. 15 commands you need to know: Continue reading