Big problem around open data, especially government data, and in Hadley’s case UK government data. Open data: created during regular operations, where taxpayers have paid for infrastructure so data should be made available to them. Used to make government operations more open and accountable, identifying efficiencies, reducing corruption. Govs spend a lot of time handling their own data. Not talking wikileaks. Tetherless team has 1.1M datasets available, in multiple languages.

In the UK, we talk about four kinds of data: historical (trends, performance), planning (future, forecasting, permits), infrastructural (opening hours, especially useful when it changes–like when a bridge is out), and operational (where are trains, weather–real time, costs more to make available). Types: transport, healthcare, demographics, mapping, crimes. Continue reading

Eye scans for school lunches

A school in England is going to use eye scans of students to figure out which are supposed to pay for their lunches. Seems the poor students who get free lunches are being stigmatized. The article doesn’t mention that the database of eye scans will become part of the students’ permanent records which follows them for the rest of their lives.

Names, fingerprints, eye scans… many people will know exactly who we are.