Thank You!

Doc Searls once coined the term MLOTT: money left on the table. This happens when someone wants to support a person or an organization, but there are no channels open to signal the intent or flow. The money that might have been a donation is left on the table of the person wishing to signal support.

An example of this happens if I want to send $5 to someone, or $1 or even $.25 for something (a blog post, a picture, an interaction) that I thought was very clever or significant to me. I have to 1) email someone, 2) ask if they have a paypal account or other channel for small donations, 3) put the funds into my end of that channel, 4) assign the small transaction to move forward, and possibly more steps. That’s a lot of friction for a little support. No wonder it’s left on the tableā€“of the person offering the support.

In an effort to reduce MLOTT, I have a donation button here on my site. I greatly appreciate any support that you might send my way. If that means $.01 or $100 for an event or a blog post that you found insightful, or for some perspective or article I’ve pointed to, that’s great!

I’ll admit that I’m not a big fan of paypal but recognize that it’s a channel that others use. I’m always on the lookout for interesting ways to signal support, by words or money or otherwise. Your comments (but not your spam) are always welcome.

Thank you for taking time to read and think about this.